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Advanced Networking Techniques

Open to: Service Professionals, Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Consultants, Coaches, Financial Planners, Fundraising Professionals, Marketing Specialists.

Skill-requirement: Basic knowledge of networking, already using networking as part of an on-going business or sales strategy, require more and better results from current investment in activities and efforts.

Professional Qualifications: Must be part of an on-going business or professional enterprise, be involved in sales, marketing or business development and have a direct impact (and keen interest) in improving sales and/or profits.

This intensive half-day program is for the serious networker, one who already has a strong sense of networking basics. It covers topics and tactics that deal with the business of networking. No time wasted discussing smiles and handshakes, just the meat and potatoes of translating contacts into clients and/or cash.

This is a no-nonsense session shares proven, practical business-related networking strategies that produce both immediate and long term results in three distinct networking categories.

Hour One: Maximum Leverage

Networking Group Success Strategies

Clarify which group(s) to join for optimum impact, discover six proven group success strategies. Four little-known tactics that accelerate group results and three secret group resources that reduce wasted time & effort. Includes a networking group tool kit that guarantees maximum return on your group investment.

Hour two: Maximizing The V.I.P Factor

Identifying and Nurturing High-Value Contacts

Starts with a tool to zero in on, then prioritize your highest-value relationships and teaches you how to manage the three secret relationship trigger points that virtually drive results with these important people. Develop a personalized, practical system to ensure you stay on top of every Centre of Influence relationship.

Hour Three: More Referrals!

Creating a Referral-Generating Machine

A three-step approach to make sure you always get referrals. Four reasons others don't refer and how to overcome this issue. A simple four-step referral-request strategy you can start using the minute you leave the session. BONUS: a referral skill-building tool that allows you to increase your referrals as much in the next 90 days as your competitors will in the next 9 months.

Event Specifics:

OTTAWA - Wed., April 15/09. 8:30 am - noon. (Includes refreshments).

Location: Chimo Inn, 199 Joseph Cyr. FREE PARKING

Cost: $199 per person, pre-registration only (Visa, Mtcd, AmEx)

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TORONTO - Fri., April 17/09. 8:30 am-noon (icludes refreshments)

Location: To be confirmed (Toronto Airport area)

Cost: $199 per person, pre-registration only (Visa, Mtcd, AmEx)

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