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Effective Networking: The First 30 Seconds

Effective NetworkingManaging the Make-or-Break Lever to Better Relationships and More Revenues.

Duration: 31 minutes.

This program is focused entirely on the crucial first 30 seconds of a networking interaction. It addresses the issues that often affect and control the success (or failure) of converting contacts into contracts or career advancement.

This program was created to counteract the natural tendency we have as human beings to shy away from new contacts or to feel completely overcome by the psychological barriers that occur during a networking interaction. This session shares specific interpersonal strategies, tools and tactics to help you deal with high-anxiety initial contacts including:

  • Three First-30-Second Strategies to eliminate anxiety and accelerate confidence.
  • The two communication tactics that will make you a brilliant conversationalist.
  • The secret to never feeling stressed when meeting others.
  • The three keys to networking success in the first 30 seconds.

Price: $24.77 Click here to purchase as an MP3 audio download

NOTE: Special MP3 audio download etip recipient price of $9.97 (endsMay 25/18)

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