Networking Power Tip: 9 Ways to Demonstrate a Positive Attitude

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Some networking conversations stay with you long after you’ve left the event. There’s that one person who left you feeling great and exuded positive energy. It’s a feeling that stayed with you and made you remember them, even days after your initial contact.

A positive attitude is much more a developed skill than a quality. The most successful people always seem to exude positive vibrations. want to know how you can have the ability to have other remember with fond memories? Here are some tips to help you demonstrate a positive attitude.

1.Accept the discipline of a positive attitude. Feeling and acting positive is a personal habit. Commit today to becoming a person who reflects positive energy no matter what your situation or circumstances.

2. Develop the skills of a positive attitude. Everyone likes to be around someone who has a positive outlook. By being positive, you will naturally attract others and make them want to spend more time with you.

3. Keep your smile up front at all times. A genuine smile literally radiates a positive attitude. Too many people get overcome by the stress of networking and forget how much their face tells others.

4. Have good news to tell others. Keep a list of good news to share with others. We are bombarded with negative news on a continuous basis. We all need more good news and injecting good news is a positive force.

5. Ask others for good news. Everyone has some good news to talk about. When you ask others to tell you about theirs, they will associate the good feelings that come up with you.

6. Try to find the good in bad news. Many people are negative and unhappy. You can help them by taking a bad news story and finding the positive side. People want to spend more time with someone who can find the silver lining in his or her dark cloud.

7. Be a problem solver. We tend to focus on the negative but really enjoy talking about the positive. When someone presents a problem, try to help him or her find a solution. In many cases you will lift their spirits and sometimes you may even help them solve it.

8. Empathize don’t sympathize. When someone presents a negative situation, we have a tendency to sympathize and stay focused on it. Empathize by listening, but don’t let it dominate. Look for a solution or a positive aspect to the situation, or move to another topic.

9. Laugh a lot. Having an easy laugh means you take life in a positive way. Others willwant to be around you because you generate positive feelings with you happy nature. Laugh more often and others will want to spend more time with you.

Having a positive attitude is a choice. Are you choosing to make others feel better for having spent time with you? It’s a skill that that only requires a small investment, yet will pay enormous dividends.

Michael Hughes is known as North America’s Networking Guru. To get more info about his services or to have him speak at your next meeting or conference, visit his web site at

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