Networking and The Relationship Factor: How Long is Long Enough?

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Success in business and in life is all about relationships. Relationships take time, need to be nurtured and require investment. Networking ignites the process, but you must be willing to invest enough time to build both personal and professional trust, discover mutual value areas and confirm the contribution you can both make.

When these three key areas are maintained for an extended period of time, the results and benefits grow exponentially. Are you thinking in terms of a 90-cycle with these important people? Here’s why investing for 90 days is a requirement for networking success and pays enormous dividends :

Extends the prospecting process. Most networking situations do not allow you to properly evaluate a prospect. By investing in a 90-day follow up program, you can extend your discussion to include additional topics or information areas. You will have the ability to confirm the value you have and discover other areas of need.

• Demonstrates professionalism. A true professional is always prepared to make an investment of time, effort and energy. By expecting and suggesting follow up, you demonstrate quality and integrity. By expanding your commitment to 90 days, you confirm your professionalism. In fact, using this discipline will often accelerate your desired outcome.

• Builds trust. One of the most powerful influences on any decision is trust. Following up for 90 days increases trust by demonstrating your willingness to invest in the relationship process over an extended period of time. Also, a sincere interest in meeting again heavily influences the other person’s level of trust and comfort.

• Expands options. Following up gives you an extra edge because you increase your depth of knowledge about the other person’s situation or circumstances. Additional discussion will allow you the opportunity to elicit more information about their emotional state.

• Activates the principle of reciprocation. One of the incredible benefits of following up is that the other person will relate to your actions. Because you are willing to invest more time with them, they feel closer to you and will listen to your side of the story. When you adopt a 90-day perspective, you have many opportunities to contribute to their lives, increasing your leverage and the chance to have them help you achieve your objectives.

I’ve designed a structure that allows anyone to manage and maximize their highest-value contacts on a 90-day cycle. The system can be customized to individual or company needs. It does not require complicated software or technology. It can be implemented on a piece of paper or on a simple document, and expanded as needed. Email me at to receive a complimentary copy.


Michael Hughes is known as THE Networking Guru. To find out more about him or have him share his networking message and methodology at your next meeting or conference, visit  his web site at

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