7+1 Proven Strategies to Drive Revenues Every 90 Days

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This time of year is fraught with miracle programs that promise overnight results with little effort. The truth is that the universe only rewards singular focus, consistent effort and persistent progress. Here are strategies I have implemented that have produced tangible results.

1.Double Your Learning.

Don’t just read a business book, focus your learning on an area that will have a direct and dramatic impact on your competence, your confidence or your results. Just think what investing 90 days in one area of your business, your skills or yourself would do for your results.

2.Double Your Personal Marketing.

You are your most powerful marketing resource. When you strategically position yourself in a leadership role (network, project, environment) you exponentially drive your visibility and credibility. What personal marketing tactic could you implement over the next 90 days?

3.Double Your Network.

Drive your revenues by identifying and accessing one new network that is aligned with your value. Then leverage it by getting more involved than your competitors. This simple strategy will automatically expand your reach and increase your prospect base for the next 90 days.

4.Double Your Conversations.

Your existing network of colleagues and past clients hold incredible potential, some in areas you could never expect or anticipate. Rather than relegating these important relationships to secondary status, prioritize your highest-value contacts and make it a point to re-connect with them over the next 90 days.

5.Double the Quality of Your Conversations.

The quality of your conversations dictates the quality of your relationships. When you become more intentional about using conversations to build relationships, you build more trust, elicit more value and find more ways to contribute. Commit to improving your conversational skills for the next 90 days.

6.Double Your Follow up.

It’s an accepted fact that almost 90% of professionals fail to follow after an initial contact, yet research confirms that 80% of sales (referrals, jobs, promotions) don’t happen until the fourth contact. Doubling this one strategy for 90 days will give you a dramatic edge on your competitors.

7.Double Your Contribution.

A unique property of the human condition is our sense of obligation when we feel another person has made a sincere and selfless act on our behalf. Identify your highest-value contacts and seek to contribute to their business, their life or their success for the next 90 days.


Pick any one of these strategies and commit to implementing it relentlessly over the next 90 days. Set up an accountability structure that will allow you to measure your progress every day (yes every day!). You will be amazed at the results it produces and how it will change your life.

Do these strategies make perfect sense to you but you find you can’t implement and maintain them? Let’s chat. I can help. Email me at info@NetworkingForResults.com
Michael Hughes is known as North America’s Networking Guru. To get more info about his services or to have him speak at your next meeting or conference, visit his web site at www.NetworkingForResults.com

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