5 Must-Read Books in 2014

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Last year I read 45 business books on management, leadership, marketing and sales. It was a great investment in gaining new knowledge, acquiring new ideas and building a new perspective.

Below is a list of the five books I feel had the greatest impact on each of these areas. You will benefit from reading any one of these. I recommend reading all of of them.

P.S.:  want a sneak peak at the value of each? Check my note at the bottom of this post.

5. The 12 Week Year (Brian P. Moran & Michael Lennington). I put this book at the top of the list simply because of the time of year (seems like everyone is focused on setting goals). The author shares a powerful, practical system that works, and he’s both inspiring and enthusiastic. Read this book if you want to accomplish something great.

4. The Trust Edge (David Horsager). This book explains and explores the eight critical areas of trust and how to apply them in a leadership environment (and don’t we all lead in some way?). It includes a number of practical strategies and tactics that create, build and leverage trust. Read this book if you want to build better relationships.

3. The Innovator’s Dilemma (Clayton M. Christensen). I truly enjoyed reading this book because of its unique perspective on innovation. It contained some great examples of the incredible and exponential changes that have occurred in technology, as well as why and how they happened. Read this book if you want to re-invigorate your mind and tackle new challenges.

2. Work With Me (Barbara Annis & John Gray).  There are any number of books on gender-based communications. This is one that is jammed with practical info and backed by a ton of new research that validates how we communicate between the sexes and how to improve. Read this book if you want to dramatically improve how to communicate with the opposite sex.

1. Give and Take (Adam Grant). If you’ve read this far, you’re serious about professional development. If I could only recommend one book, this would be it. It touches on a basic human principle we all take for granted, and turns it into what I consider to the most important strategy of your life . Read this book  if you want to achieve more success, results and happiness on both a personal and professional level.

NOTE: When I read, I read to learn. I highlight the information I feel is relevant, then copy these salient points into a summary to capture and retain the information. In some of the books I read last year (like the ones above), I took almost 20 pages of notes. And finally, I summarize the most important points into a two-page list.

If you’d like to see my  top take-aways from each of the books above (5 x 2 pages), send me an email message at info@networkingforresults.com with “books” in the subject line. I’ll send it to you as PDF file.

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