NfR Monthly Mentorship Program


You want to move your business forward but we both know that sometimes the path can be uncertain. There are so many options to consider, opportunities to assess and potential obstacles that can arise.

Being an entrepreneur can be both lonely and lethal. Decisions are difficult enough and without an objective perspective or the benefit of experience can cost time, effort and resources.


What if you had access to both experience and expertise, and could tap into over 45 years of business experience, 25 years of entrepreneurial expertise with a wealth of management knowledge, professional competency and leadership capabilities…every day.

The NfR Monthly Mentorship program is a unique partner-resource for small business owners, business/sales professionals and corporate executives. It supplies strategic expertise, management skills, business strategy and on-going support.

Here’s what this intensive program includes:


The NfR Monthly Mentorship program adds a world-class partner to your organization, literally overnight. It enables you to make better decisions, faster and accelerates your results. Here are the direct benefits for you and your company


Here's what past clients are saying about Michael's impact on their business and their life

“I want to tell you that I hold the utmost respect and appreciation for you in helping us get up and running. Hard to believe almost 5 years have gone by, we have seen our WOW 1 DAY PAINTING business grow to a team of 5 full time employees and 30% year over year sales growth  Relationship building via networking has been a key factor. Thank you so much for giving us great mentorship and a "slingshot" forward.” Leesa Franklin, Owner 1-880-One-Day-Paint Ottawa

"After working with Michael as my business coach for only a few months, I was able to double my year-over-year sales figures for my company. Michael helped me to build my confidence and taught me how to create more business by investing in and growing my network. Today I run a thriving 7-figure business with several full and part-time staff and I know that much of my success is a result of the lessons that I learned from Michael in those early years.” Janet Stewart, President Mindset Catalysts Inc.

“I’ve been working with Michael Hughes on some upcoming projects that I needed help with and he has been simply amazing.  Michael’s has a unique ability to see through to the core issues of what needs to be done and articulate solutions in a clear, direct manner.  I leave our sessions with new insights, ideas and specific action steps that ensure my company’s quarterly goals are achieved with higher levels of success than previously anticipated.  It is obvious that with over 30 years of experience he is well versed in understanding the steps necessary to guide individuals and companies to reach their true potential.  I highly recommend Michael Hughes for any individuals or organizations who are looking to maximize their true potential.” JJ Brun – The Retired Spy

President, DHC Training & Consulting Group Inc.

"Michael and I had been colleagues for several years in two professional organizations before I learned the depth and scope of his networking acumen. In just one hour of impromptu coaching, he saw connections I had missed within my target demographic and placed my business in an entirely different context. Michael made excellent, immediately applicable suggestions on ways to expand my visibility and leverage the value of my presentations. For anyone who thinks networking is about how to meet and greet, Michael takes the concept to a whole new level." Mia Doucet, Founder, Speed to ROI, LLC.


NOTE: The NfR Monthly Mentorship Program is billed in monthly installments of $169.


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